poultryPoultry training program

This program started in 2008, when frozen chicken became scarce in the local market, but local farmers in Cameroon could not meet the demand.

To provide an efficient solution, AgriDynamic collaborated with her partners to set up a training center in Ndop region of Cameroon that offer two courses on broilers production and commercialisation. A six month course for youths and a three months course for older people.

The training facilities have been constructed. The centre is now serving now as a;
  • starting point for farm families and youths who want to improve on their productivity or starts producing to come and acquire practical skills and knowledge,
  • information source for the locals to get answers to their poultry management questions
  • connecting point where alumni meet on weekly bases to share experiences and network and,
  • reference point, where farmers to refer their children to fight rural exodus and guarantee the future of food production

If you like to know more about the courses please contact us here . There are also possibilities to organize the short course out of the center, should you have interest please click here for more information.