We have created a long term relationship with all the main partner we are working with. If you want to be a partner or want to know how we work please call or mail us. Check our Contact page for more the information

FMO: FMO is the entrepreneurial development bank of the Netherlands. Her vision is to see a thriving private sector that will help create long-term, sustainable development impact. This is done through capital provisions, sharing of knowledge and partnerships creation including capacity building. We have worked with FMO from 2008 till end 2011 within the capacity building program of the institutions. For more information, please visit: www.fmo.nl

Achmea Foundation: Achmea Foundation, is an organisation that contributes to a better society through the provision of financial resources, with the aim to actually contribute to sustainable improvement of the socio-economic environment of needy groups. We have been working with Achmea Foundation since 2009 within our poultry training program. For more information visit: www.achmeafoundation.nl


Impulsis: Impulsis is a joint program for Dutch small scale development projects.
On the basses on number of people and small organisation who want to contribute to aiding developing countries and the fight against poverty the organisation was formed to co-financing and support projects in order to help improve the quality and end impact. We have been working with Impulsis since 2009 also within our poultry training program. For more information please visit: www.impulsis.nl


Wilde Ganzen: All over the world, Wilde Ganzen (Wild Geese) supports, through their Dutch partners, disadvantaged people who make an effort to achieve a better future for their community. Their support is meant for small-scale and specific projects of, for and by the people themselves in developing countries and a number of Eastern European countries, without distinguishing between race, language, religion or orientation. We started working with Wilde Ganzen in 2011 on diferent projects.
For more information: www.wildeganzen.nl

Turing Foundation: The Turing Foundation strives to offer children and young people the kind of education that can help them structurally, encourage their independence and autonomy, and enable them to contribute to their communities. The Turing Foundation regards education as a means to offer people new opportunities in their lives in a constructive, structural and respectful way. Moreover, education benefits not only the individual, but also his environment and society as a whole.It can be seen as a sustainable method of poverty reduction. The Foundation supported our FairEducation program expansion. For more information: www.turingfoundation.org.


Other donors

ASML Foundation

Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation

ASN Bank
Utrecht Municipality
Johanna Donk – Grote Stichting
Stichting Het Vincentrum
Stichting De Pelgrimshoeve
Keer op Keer Kringloopwinkel
Stichting Huibert van Saane
Weeshuis der Doopsgezinden
Hergebruik voor Ontwikkelingswerk
Stichting Alle Beetjes
Dr. Hofsteestichting
Stichting Non Olet